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obby has been hugely inspirational to me as an improvisor. I think that he is one of the few "pure" improvisors left. Also, in my opinion, his flugelhorn improvisations, approach, and sound are the best ever. He, like Carl Saunders, is the rare guy who does it all - lead, jazz, and studio. A definite hero of mine!




12 Legendary Solos By Bobby

If The Shew Fits
- Frank Mantooth
Bobby Shew - If The Shew Fits.mp3
Bobby Shew - If The Shew Fits.pdf (transcription)

Always and Forever - Bob Curnow
Bobby Shew - Always and Forever.mp3

Big Swing Face - Buddy Rich
Bobby Shew - Big Swing Face.mp3

A Night In Tunisia - "Tribute To The Masters"
Bobby Shew - A Night In Tunisia.mp3

A Night To Remember - "Plays The Music Of Reed Kotler"
Bobby Shew - A Night To Remember.mp3

April Mist - "Playing With Fire"
Bobby Shew - April Mist.mp3

Go Ahead - "One In A Million"
Bobby Shew - Go Ahead.mp3

Here's That Rainy Day - "Trumpets No End"
Bobby Shew - Heres That Rainy Day.mp3

Nadalin - "Trumpets No End"
Bobby Shew - Nadalin.mp3

Up Jumped Spring - "One In A Million"
Bobby Shew - Up Jumped Spring.mp3

Waltz For Debby - "Metropole Orchestra"
Bobby Shew - Waltz For Debby.mp3

Whisper Not - "Tribute To The Masters"
Bobby Shew - Whisper Not.mp3
Bobby Shew - Whisper Not.pdf (transcription)


Bobby's "screech" solo on "Greasy Sack Blues"
(NOTE: This is AWESOME. People sometimes forget what a SICK lead player Bobby is because his jazz playing so amazing)


Bobby playing "The Red Snapper"


Bobby playing "Stompin' At The Savoy" on his famous Shewhorn


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