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Here are my Jerry Hey "favorite misses" for '87 to '97. Some people might think this is crazy, but this is actually my favorite Jerry Hey period. The Hey Horns were busier than ever. I was still in high school at the beginning of this period - and it seemed like Jerry and the guys were on EVERY song on the radio (and they were). Lastly, it was around this time that Dan Higgins (another one of my heroes) joined the horn section. Such fond memories... Enjoy! -GW.


The Jerry Hey horns on the "Ducktales" intro...


"Big Bone" - David Garfield / "Tribute To Jeff Porcaro"
Jerry Hey - Big Bone.mp3
JH, trumpet
Tom Scott, tenor

"Big Fun" - Barry Manilow / "Swing Street"
Jerry Hey - Big Fun.mp3
JH, Gary Grant, Larry Hall - trumpets
Bill Reichenbach - trombone

"Breakout" - Swing Out Sister / "It's Better To Travel"
Jerry Hey - Breakout.mp3
JH - trumpet, others unknown

"C'est La Vie" - Robbie Nevil / "Robbie Nevil"
Jerry Hey - C'est La Vie.mp3
JH - trumpet, others unknown

"Comin' Right Up" - Bruce Willis / "The Return Of Bruno"
Jerry Hey - Comin' Right Up.mp3
JH, Gary Grant - trumpets
Chris Mostert, Joel Peskin, Greg Smith - saxes

"Do Nothin' 'Til You Hear from Me" - Quincy Jones / "Q's Juke Joint"
Jerry Hey - Do Nothin' Til You Hear From Me (horn break).mp3
JH, Gary Grant, Chuck Findley, Oscar Brashear - trumpets
Charlie Loper, George Bohanon, Reggie Young, Bill Reichenbach - trombones
Dan Higgins, Brandon Fields, Pete Christlieb, Tom Scott, Kim Hutchcroft - saxophones

"Down In Hollywood" - Bruce Willis / "The Return Of Bruno"
Jerry Hey - Down In Hollywood.mp3
Horns: same as "Comin' Right Up"

Hallelujah! - Quincy Jones / Handel's Soulful Celebration
Trumpets: JH, Gary Grant
Saxophone: Larry Williams
Trombone: Bill Reichenbach
Jerry Hey - Hallelujah.mp3

"Pamela" - Toto / "The Seventh One"
Jerry Hey - Pamela.mp3
JH, Gary Grant, Chuck Findley - trumpets
James Pankow - trombone
Gary Herbig - sax

"Respect Yourself" - Bruce Willis & The Pointer Sisters / "The Return Of Bruno"
Jerry Hey - Respect Yourself.mp3
Horns: same as "Comin' Right Up"

"Stompin' At The Savoy" - Barry Manilow / "Swing Street"
Jerry Hey - Stompin' At The Savoy.mp3
Horns: same as "Big Fun"

"Stuff Like That" - Quincy Jones / "Q's Juke Joint"
Jerry Hey - Stuff Like That.mp3
Horns: same as "Do Nothin' 'Til You Hear From Me"

"The King Of Wishful Thinking" - Go West / "Indian Summer"
Jerry Hey - The King Of Wishful Thinking.mp3
JH, Gary Grant - trumpets
Dan Higgins - sax
Bill Reichenbach - trombone

"Youngblood" - Bruce Willis / "The Return Of Bruno"
Jerry Hey - Youngblood.mp3
Horns: the same as "Comin' Right Up"


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